Matcha Bubble Tea

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Matcha Bubble Tea

Matcha bubble tea is one of the most popular bubble tea flavors, that normally ranks in the top 3 of all time best boba tea flavors. The reason for its fame, is because it is pretty much green tea with milk (with some added chewy boba).

Green tea has become one of the best teas all across the world; loved for it’s taste, and the health benefits. Match bubble tea has the same health benefits as matcha powder.

These health benefits are said to reduce heart disease, improve skin and hair, help detox the body of free radicals, improve energy levels, fight inflammation, and may reduce the risk of cancer. Matcha bubble tea is also said to help aid in weight loss.

Matcha is known as a superfood, which means that it provides a wide variety of health benefits. Matcha bubble tea is flavored with matcha powder. This makes matcha bubble tea one of the healthiest popular bubble tea drink to order or make at home.

So, what exactly is matcha? Matcha is green tea leaves that have been grinded into fine powder, which is used to make boba matcha and regular green tea with milk.

How To Make Matcha Bubble Tea And Milk Tea

These are the basic ingredients needed to make the matcha bubble tea at home, or for your boba shop if you need help as a barista:

  1. Make your tea. The tea should be 2 teaspoons of the tea leaf flavor of your choice for every 16 ounces of water. Here are the tea leaf flavors for bubble tea.
    • It should be noted that the matcha powder itself is the tea flavoring for the bubble tea. It is not required to add in another tea leaf flavor unless desired.
  2. Place 5 to 6 ounces of cooked tapioca pearls per 16 ounces into the bottom of the cup.
  3. Add 2 to 4 tablespoons (3 is recommended) of matcha powder mix flavoring to the drink.
  4. Pour the tea, along with the milk (if you are making a milk tea) into the cup and shake, or mix it together.
  5. If you are adding milk to create a matcha milk tea, then add 4 to 6 tablespoons of the milk tea powder mix, or use 7 to 8 ounces of milk with 8 ounces of tea.
  6. Add ice as needed.

Please refer to the guide to making the perfect tapioca pearls, and cooking tapioca pearls to ensure that your bubble tea drink has good flavor and texture.

Now we’ll go over 7 different ways to make Matcha drinks, with the flavoring and ingredients (some with milk, and some without if you are lactose intolerant).

1. Matcha Bubble Tea

Matcha bubble tea is the first one of course. It includes tea brewed from any type of tea leaves, matcha flavoring, and chewy boba. Matcha boba is a little different than green tea with milk, because, strictly speaking, it is just matcha, tea, and boba; even though generally it means any matcha boba.

It is unique, because any brewed tea flavor can be mixed with the matcha taste, including the jasmine flower, which creates the jasmine milk tea. It can be made with other tea leaf flavors for variety and health benefits.

The main ingredients are:

  • Matcha flavoring
  • Any brewed tea flavor
  • Tapioca pearls

2. Matcha Milk Tea Boba

Matcha milk tea boba is made with matcha flavoring, chewy tapioca pearls, milk, and tea flavoring. This one is like the matcha bubble tea, except it has milk with it too. Once again, any tea flavoring can be used with it, not just green tea leaves.

The main ingredients are:

  • Matcha flavoring
  • Milk of your choice
  • Any type of tea flavoring
  • Tapioca pearls

3. Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha milk tea, strictly speaking, is matcha flavoring, the milk of your choice, and tea flavoring of your choice. Generally speaking, the name is used to describe any type of boba tea with matcha in it.

This one comes without tapioca pearls if you don’t want to cook them, or if you just don’t want them for some reason.

Jelly toppings and popping pearls can make great substitutes, with the jellies being the healthier choice of the two. The popping pearls can add a variety of fruit flavors, including chocolate flavored popping pearls.

The main ingredients are:

  • Matcha flavoring
  • Milk of your choice
  • Any type of tea flavoring

4. Green Tea with Milk

Green tea with milk is just as it says; green tea with the milk type of your choice. You can add matcha into it if you like for extra green tea taste; or you can exchange the green tea for matcha to make a matcha milk.

The matcha milk is very simple to make. All it needs is the powder added to the milk, with some stirring to mix it. A healthy beverage with the benefits of green tea leaves and milk. The milk can be any kind that you choose to use (whole milk, 2%, coconut milk).

Main ingredients:

  • Green tea or matcha flavoring powder
  • Milk of your choice

5. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has only the matcha powder mix and the tea flavor of your choice. If you want a really healthy drink for a keto diet, or just want it less sugary, this is a great choice with some exceptional variety.

You can still mix the matcha with different tea flavors, without the carbs and extra sugar from the toppings and milk.

The aloe vera jelly boba topping is highly recommended here for this one.

Main ingredients:

  • Matcha flavoring
  • Any tea type of your choice
  • Boba jelly

6. Matcha Smoothie, Slush, Milkshake Bubble Tea

Matcha slushes and milkshakes with (or without) boba is another option. All you need is a blender to blend: matcha flavoring, milk, cold tea if you want it (not necessary), and ice to make milkshakes; or water with ice for slushes. Add your boba afterwards.

The main ingredients are:

  • Matcha powder flavoring
  • Milk (or water for slushies)
  • Tea of your choice (if you want tea it is not necessary)
  • Ice
  • Boba (if you want tapioca balls)

7. Matcha Bubble Tea Frappuccino

A Starbucks-like match bubble tea drink is also an option. It can be made into a cappuccino, frappuccino, or latte with the use of a milk frother.

The bubble tea would basically be any one of these, only with boba.

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